Reasons to choose a resin-bound driveway

There are many reasons to choose a resin-bound driveway

If you’re looking to improve your home, your driveway can have as big an impact as your bricks and mortar.

It is, after all, part of the exterior of your home and probably one of the first things people see when they visit or pass by. 

If your driveway is tired-looking, unruly or generally unloved, it can create a negative impression, which can be a big problem if you are looking to sell your home. 

A well-designed and cared for driveway, on the other hand, can not only add value to your property and help make it more saleable, it can give the exterior of your home a new lease of life of which you can be proud. 

When it comes to choosing a new driveway, there are several options you could go for. 

However, we believe that a resin-bound driveway is a safe investment, for many reasons. 

Here’s why. 

Resin drives pros and cons

There are plenty of reasons why more and more people are choosing resin-bound driveways over concrete, tarmac, or traditional or block paving.   

The main benefit is the aesthetics. Resin-bound driveways are highly adaptable and can be designed to suit your exact needs. You can choose from a wide range of aggregates, colours and textures to create stunning designs which become a real focal point of your property. 

If you are looking for a driveway with a WOW! factor, look no further than resin-bound. 

Looks aside, one of the best things about resin-bound driveways is how durable they are. 

When aggregates are mixed with resin, it creates an extremely tough, robust and durable surface that won’t crack, scuff or damage with heavy use. 

If you look after it properly, it could last for many years to come.  

And unlike gravel, brick, paving or tarmac driveways, resin-bound driveways are completely permeable, which means that water can drain through the surface easily, leaving no puddles or standing water. 

We don’t believe there are many drawbacks to a resin-bound driveway. 

They are perfectly fine for everyday domestic use, such as standard cars and work vans driving on and off. However, if for some reason, your driveway experiences heavy traffic, this can create excessive wear, meaning your driveway won’t last as long. 

You also need specialist equipment, materials and techniques to install a resin-bound driveway, so it’s not a job you can do by yourself.

That’s where our team of expert craftsmen at Buffalo Driveways can help, at every stage of the project to ensure the installation is a success.  

Other reasons why you should choose a resin-bound driveway?

As well as the benefits listed above, there are a few other reasons why resin-bound driveways are the perfect choice, including: 

Easy installation

Installing a block paving, gravel or concrete driveway can take several days to complete. 

A resin-bound driveway, on the other hand, can be created from start to finish in just a few hours by a team of expert craftsmen. This means you won’t have to suffer days of disruption outside your home. 

Value for money

When compared with other forms of surfacing, resin-bound driveways represent outstanding value for money. They are often cheaper than traditional or block paving, installation costs are lower, and they require minimal maintenance. They are also crack, weed and UV-resistant, and won’t sink, fade or discolour.   


One of the best things about resin-bound driveways is their longevity. The process by which they are made creates an incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting surface which, if cared for properly, can last 20 years or more. 

They are weed free and won’t crack or scuff, which means that aside from a good sweep or power-wash couple of times a year, there isn’t much more maintenance required.   

At the very least, all the resin-bound driveways we fully install come with a 10-year guarantee, which gives you a decade’s worth of peace of mind. 


Resin-bound driveways not only look fantastic, but they are incredibly versatile too. They can be designed to fit in all manner of unusual shapes and sizes and with a wide range of colours and textures to choose from, you can make sure they exactly match your requirements and blend in with your property and surroundings. 

No need for planning permission

Resin-bound driveways are porous, so don’t require planning permission as they fulfil the requirements for sustainable drainage. This makes them the perfect choice for areas at a higher risk of flooding.

Plus, all the resin-bound driveways we install are backed by a full technical survey from our expert team, to ensure they comply with all relevant building rules and regulations. 

Find out more about our resin-bound driveways today

At Buffalo Driveways, we are passionate about helping homeowners to improve their properties with long-lasting and affordable solutions. 

Whether you’re looking for a new driveway or pathway, or a patio area that transforms your garden, we can help. 

From design and planning to supply and installation by expert craftsmen, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

All our resin-bound driveways are backed by a full technical survey and either a 10-year guarantee on driveways with sub-base completed by us or a five-year warranty on overlay projects. 

Investing in a resin-bound driveway from Buffalo Driveways will add value to your home for years to come. To find out more and book a free consultation and quote, give us a call on 08000 319050 or email