How to look after your resin patio

One of the first things to consider before you invest in a new resin patio is how to look after it. 

After all, your patio is one of the main parts of your garden and will be with you for many years, so you’ll want to be sure you can keep it clean, tidy and looking as good as new. 

As with all significant spends, you’ll want to be sure you have considered all the possible solutions and weighed them up against each other.

A resin-bound patio will exceed the rest for so many reasons. 

They are virtually maintenance-free, anti-slip and porous to let water drain through, yet resistant to weeds.  

They won’t discolour under rain or sunshine, so retain their premium look for a long time.  There is an excellent choice of colours and aggregates, and they won’t sink or crack. 

Resin-bound patios make a good choice for gardens of all sizes because they create a smooth, low-maintenance and robust surface. 

To keep yours looking its best, here are our top tips for looking after your resin patio…

What is a resin patio? 

Resin-bound patios are made from a blend of carefully cleaned natural stone and clear resin that, when cured, is stable in all weathers.

It creates a beautiful and durable surface which is solid, enduring and easily cleaned, and is perfect for patios, but also driveways and paths.

The resin aggregate is mixed on-site and cold applied. We use a high-quality clear resin binder to coat the aggregate particles before laying. This makes it different from a resin-bonded surface, where the surface is covered with a thin layer of resin and then the aggregate scattered on top. This is not porous and can, over time, become loose. 

With a resin-bound patio, the resin and aggregates are mixed thoroughly before they are laid, making sure that the aggregate is coated completely, providing a fully bound surface. The result is a surface that’s more hard-wearing and requires less maintenance.  

Ideally, it should be swept, or power washed twice a year, to avoid any accumulation of debris and stop any growth of moss or algae.

What are the benefits of a resin patio?

There are many benefits to a resin patio, including: 

Anti-slip surface

Resin-bound surfacing is required to comply with BS 8204-6:2008+A1:2010 Appendix B for slip resistance. This means it has an anti-slip finish, even in cold, wet or icy conditions. 

No more puddles

Resin-bound patios are a fully permeable paving solution. Water can drain through freely, meaning your surface will serve to prevent puddling and eradicate surface water.

Weed resistant

Resin-bound systems are so weed-free that they are increasingly used in public areas. If you are sick and tired of getting a sore back while bending over to pull weeds from the cracks in your patio, then resin-bound is the way to go.  

Won’t fade or discolour

Polyurethane resin is UV-resistant and kiln-dried, which prevents any moisture coming between the aggregates and the resin. This would otherwise cause discolouration and poor wearability.  Because each aggregate stone is washed and dried and then coated, there is no possibility of water or sunshine causing any change to its colour or finish.

The latest premium looks

At Buffalo, we pride ourselves on being able to give you an individual design service, providing your home with a look that exceeds your expectations. We have a network of designers who will take the time to ask you precisely what you require and quote a price specifically for the work you want doing.

Many colours to choose from

Our resin-bound system allows us to offer you a wide range of colours and aggregate mixtures to create the exact shade and style and look you want to achieve for your durable driveway, pathway or patio area.

No sinking or cracking

Resin-bound is a flexible surfacing material. Therefore, you can know with confidence that it will not crack. It is also consistent across the whole area covered, so will not sink either.

How to look after your resin patio

One of the significant benefits of resin-bound patios is how easy they are to maintain and keep clean. 

With the right amount of care, they can look good for many years to come and give many years of use without fading, scuffing or discolouring.  

There are a few simple steps you should take throughout the year to keep your resin patio looking as it should. 

An annual power clean with a pressure washer or jet wash will help maintain its smooth finish and bring out the original colours and patterns.

It’s also vital to regularly hose the surface down to keep it free from dust and dirt. Because resin patios are highly permeable, you can do this without having to worry about surface water or puddles forming. 

You should also sweep it with a stiff broom when dry to get rid of any surface debris such as litter or leaves. 

Find out more about our resin patios today

At Buffalo Driveways, we are passionate about helping homeowners to improve their properties with long-lasting and affordable solutions. 

Whether you’re looking for a new patio area that transforms your garden, we can help. 

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All our resin patios are backed by a full technical survey and either a 10-year guarantee on those with a sub-base completed by us or a five-year warranty on overlay projects. 

Investing in a resin patio from Buffalo Driveways will give you a garden you can enjoy for years to come while adding value to your home should you choose to sell. 

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