Benefits of a resin-bound driveway

Resin-bound driveways have many benefits, which is why they are a popular choice among  businesses and homeowners.

They offer a huge amount of durability, flexibility and weather resistance when compared with other hard surface paving types and are also more aesthetically pleasing.

They are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Depending on their size, a resin-bound driveway can usually be installed and ready to use within 24 hours and can be cleaned in minutes with a jet wash or power hose.

Resin surfacing has been used for many years to create stunning-looking pathways and patio areas.

However, in recent years, more people have been turning to resin-bound surfacing for their driveways too.

They can add value to any home and provide a practical drainage or flooding solution.

They are also great for commercial premises and business parks because they are so hard wearing and give many years of service without losing their shape or colour.

So, if you are considering investing in a new driveway and are not sure what to opt for, why not give resin a try?


Why is a permeable surface important?

Resin-bound driveways create a permeable surface which allows water to pass through and into the ground beneath.

An impermeable surface, by comparison, prevents any water from passing through.

This results in a build-up of surface water, which can then flood into other areas.

This can cause problems for your home or business. If your driveway floods, it could lead to water ingress into your house. And if you own a business, it may be inaccessible due to excess water on your driveway.

Because resin-bound driveways are porous, they allow water to drain away naturally, so you needn’t worry about flooding or surface water, even when it’s raining heavily.


Why are resin-bound driveways permeable?

Resin-bound paving is porous, allowing water to pass through the small gaps between aggregates and resin.

By combining aggregates of varying colours and sizes, a resin bound system can create a highly versatile permeable surface with a smooth, flat finish.

With no loose aggregates, gravel cannot be redistributed and made uneven.

With a resin-bonded system, which is the other resin-based surfacing option, the surface consists of a solid layer of resin with aggregates spread on top. This creates an impermeable surface, which is prone to flooding and surface water.

With a resin-bound driveway, you won’t have this problem. 


What are the benefits of a resin driveway?  

As we’ve highlighted above, one of the main benefits of resin-bound driveways is that they are permeable and SUDS-compliant, which is a must for homeowners and businesses to stay compliant with flooding and drainage regulations.

Resin-bound surfacing is slip, weed and frost resistant, has a long lifespan and is easy to clean and maintain. It is also totally seamless, which unlocks unlimited design and creativity options.

It is colour stable, UV resistant and weatherproof, so provided you care for it properly, it can look like new for many years.

Best of all, it creates a smooth, flat and hard-wearing surface which can handle heavy footfall all year round.

Some of the other benefits include:


Easy to maintain

Resin-bound surfaces are smooth, flat and seamless, which makes them easy to clean and maintain – regular jet washing will keep them looking as good as new. They are also resistant to scuffing, petrol and oil spills and will retain a consistent colour over several years because they are UV resistant too.


Aesthetically pleasing

You can create any shape and design imaginable with resin-bound surfacing. With the choice of a wide range of colours and finishes, you can create beautiful designs which aren’t possible with other types of paving.


Excellent drainage and flood resistance

Resin-bound pathways are porous and permeable, allowing water to drain through rather than puddling or flooding. It means resin pathways are SUDS compliant and will help you to meet all other relevant flooding and drainage regulations.


Hardwearing and long-lasting

Resin-bound pathways are extremely strong and durable and, with proper care, will remain so for years. They are highly resistant to weather, weeds and other organic materials and can cope with sustained heavy use without breaking down.


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All our resin-bound driveways are backed by a full technical survey and either a 10-year guarantee on driveways with sub-base completed by us or a five-year warranty on overlay projects.

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